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Want to know the best places to live in Auckland?

Auckland's mild climate, attractive harbours and beaches, large job market, educational facilities, outstanding restaurants, shopping, nightlife and numerous leisure and sporting facilities all make Auckland a great place to live and raise a family.

Some of the things to take into consideration when choosing where to live in Auckland include proximity to work, shops, schools and the coast.

The schools in Auckland are zoned. This means if you want your children to go to the best schools you have to live in that school's zone, therefore, the better the school, the higher the house prices in that area are likely to be.

For more in depth information about school zones, house prices and all of Auckland's suburbs we are happy to personally recommend the latest edition of "Where to Live in Auckland." We bought a copy when we first moved to Auckland and found it invaluable for finding the right place to live and which schools to consider for our children. Check it out


Picturesque Devonport
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Being a very spread out city and lacking a good public transport system in Auckland means there's a heavy reliance on a car for getting around the area.

This has been responsible for the notorious Auckland traffic congestion, as people have to use their cars to commute into the Auckland CBD from the suburbs each day.

Something you need to think about when choosing that beautiful lifestyle home on the coast!

Of course the popularity of Auckland's coastline is also reflected in the property prices. A good Auckland beach front or island property will command top dollar.

If you don't want to sit in traffic queues on your daily commute you could consider living on Waheike Island, around 30 minutes away by ferry or the North Shore in Devonport, only a 10 minutes ferry crossing to the Auckland CBD, a really relaxing way to start and end the working day.
If you don't like the idea of commuting by ferry every day you could still live on the North Shore and drive over the Harbour Bridge to the CBD but allow plenty of time, the jams here during the rush hour are infuriating.

You could choose to live close to work and live in an Inner city apartment.

The Viaduct Harbour, rebuilt as the Americas Cup village with waterside apartments and cafés is popular both with Aucklanders and visitors and there are currently more apartment complexes in Auckland City under construction.

Nowadays, Auckland's houses are a mix of styles, from traditional to ultra modern so whatever your preferences, you're sure to find the right area and the best property that will meet all your Auckland Lifestyle requirements.

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