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Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins in the wild ?

Auckland has the warmest waters in New Zealand and the Bay of Islands is home to pods of dolphins all year round.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get up close and personal with these gentle, intelligent mammals in their own environment.

We took a day tour to the beautiful Bay of Islands, north of Auckland, a natural marine park where you can see common and bottlenose dolphins, baleen whales, orca, seals, penguins and albatrosses.

There are many reputable tours operating from a number of ports along the east coast.

Dolphin Discoveries
Swim with wild Dolphins Picture

Our tour with Dolphin Discoveries started from Paihia, where we boarded the dolphin tour catamaran, Discovery III. The expert staff are trained in marine mammal behaviour and provided us with informative commentaries while we listened to dolphin calls picked up by hydrophones.

Swim with Wild Dolphins
Swim with wild Dolphins Picture

We were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins, some seals and many sea birds.

The tour includes swimming with these graceful and intelligent creatures if conditions permit. Wet suits and hot drinks are provided.

We brought our swimming gear and towels with us but, unfortunately the sea was not ideal so we were unable to go in.

Nevertheless, we had a really good day out and would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for an unforgetable experience.

The tour operators don't promise you'll see dolphins but if you don't they'll give you a complimentary ticket to come back another day or give you a partial refund if you prefer, so you can't lose !

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