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Where can you find a great Bar, Café or restaurant in Auckland ?

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These were the questions we asked many times when we first arrived in Auckland, New Zealand and were still living out of our suitcases.

Auckland is home to over 1000 cafes, bars and restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine such as oysters, crayfish, green lipped mussels, lamb, beef and locally brewed beer.

So whether you're looking for fast food or a five star international menu, a bottle of chardonnay or a box of hand made chocolates, you'll find something to satisfy your taste and budget in Auckland.

New Zealand, and Auckland in particular, has perfected the “Pacific Rim” style of cuisine, a blend of Asian and Pacific flavours using the finest locally produced ingredients.

We asked our friends where we could find a good restaurant in the area ?

The most popular places recommended were Parnell, Herne Bay, Mt Eden and Ponsonby, or Devonport on the North Shore.

We discovered many excellent restaurants in these areas serving first class menus where we could sit down and enjoy a relaxed meal.

America Cup Village in the Viaduct
Auckland Viaduct Restaurant Picture

There are two kinds of restaurant in Auckland New Zealand, licensed, which sells wine, and B.Y.O. or 'Bring Your Own', which allows you to bring your own bottle of wine which they will chill, open and serve for you.

You'll notice a small charge for this service on the bill.

A great place to go for a relaxed evening out is the Americas Cup Village, located on the waterfront at the Viaduct and Princes Wharf.

Waterfront Café
Auckland Waterfront Cafe Picture
There are many first class Auckland bars, cafes and restaurants with great harbour views in this area, although we thought most were expensive compared to other restaurants in Auckland. For more realistic prices in the area check out the Waterfront Café in the Maritime Museum for good service and great food. You can sit outside on the deck overlooking the picturesque Princes Wharf or move inside if the weather isn't too good.


Auckland weather has been known to change quite quickly !

If that's still too expensive, enjoy some traditional Kiwi fish and chips on the beach and get the same great view for less! My favourite New Zealand food!

Bon Appetit!

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