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New Zealand is rich in natural organic food and has some of the tastiest fruit and vegetables anywhere.

We were really amazed by the displays in the supermarkets when we first arrived in Auckland.

The fruit and vegies here look far larger than those we had eaten in Europe and taste much better too. Obviously the clean soil, air and water here have something to do with that.

We did find the prices a little higher relative to my New Zealand salary, so we looked around and came across a Chinese fruit and veg store on Te-Irirangi Drive where the prices were much lower.

We love fresh fish too and discovered a great supply at the Auckland fish market where the fish is fresh from the ocean every day!

You can book yourself on a cooking course at the Auckland Seafood School and learn how to cook fish properly. Something I should look into before I cremate another poor fish on the BBQ!

I recommend getting a copy of The Auckland Seafood School's book, 'The New Zealand Seafood Cookbook' It's full of great recipes, guides to fish species, tips for which wines to choose with different seafoods and information on sustainable fishing.

While we were out on a Coast 2 Coast tour, owned and operated by Peter and Donna Hamilton, we were introduced to Active Manuka honey at the Honeyonline centre.

The fantastic healing powers of UMF Manuka Honey are well documented and have been known and used by the Maori for hundreds of years.

Manuka Honey is used in a wide range of natural organic food, health and beauty products. This is truly amazing stuff!

You can read more about Manuka Honey on our 'Manuka Honey Benefits' page.

Auckland Organic Fruit
New Zealand Organic Fruit

Another New Zealand food product we came across is the Giant New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, which as it's name suggests has green lips around the edge.

Not really my thing but Elena loves to eat them. Green Lipped Mussel Extract is the most effective natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and back pain available and it doesn't cause any of the side effects associated with conventional medicines!

With so much available on our doorstep we really wanted to try everything, so we bought a good nutrition book for guidance and we now eat more healthily than we ever did when we lived in Europe, the results have been truly astounding.

If you're a raw vegan, stop by one of the Auckland health food stores and you'll feel like you're in paradise. If like us you enjoy fish, wine or honey, it's all available here too. Go ahead and book a table at one of the first rate vegetarian restaurants Auckland has to offer. I'm sure your evening will be one to remember and healthy too!

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