One Direction Jumps

by Rachel

Liam Payne does the Sky Jump

Liam Payne does the Sky Jump

Liam Payne does the Sky Jump One Direction in Auckland

For my sixteenth birthday this year, I was in Auckland for the One Direction concert. I am not a supporter of the band myself and was there for my little sister, but even I will admit, having them through the glass even I felt starstruck.

My Dad had told me about the revolving restaurant in the Sky Tower and me being from Dunedin though that this was pretty amazing, so of course I wanted to try it.

When we got to the Sky Tower, I was just so excited to eat at this amazing restaurant but even I couldn't expect what was about to happen.

As we went down the escalators to book a table, two of the band members were suiting up for bungy jumping off the tower. I was surprised they were there, but not really bothered by it.

We were alone on the escalator and as I turned around to notice my sister running up the escalator to see them, at least 200 screaming girls ran down the escalator.

It was actually the craziest thing I have ever witnessed. They were crying and screaming and yelling out the boys names. We rushed my sister along so we could go to tea.

When we got to the desk to get a table, they said that there would not be a table available until 9pm and of course we were hungry now. So we went up one more floor to the buffet which, I was unaware of at the time, is right next to the jumping platform.

After going to the top to see the amazing view of the big city, we headed down to the restaurant to have our meal, only to be greeted by One Direction at the jumping platform.

Of course our family wanted to get on with the meal but my little sister being the only fan in the restaurant insisted on watching them jump off while my family ate. It was pretty amazing to watch people jump from such a height while I ate, even though they were One Direction.

Definitely a memorable moment, still undecided if it was a good thing they were there or not, but I definitely loved the Sky Tower, could have been the best sixteenth a girl could experience.

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