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The Manuka honey benefits for nutrition and healing have been known for thousands of years.

More people are becoming aware of the need to follow a natural healthy lifestyle to help prevent diseases and are looking for natural sources of food and medicines.

Honey is a delicious natural, organic food which, if included in your daily diet will greatly improve your immune system helping to keep you free from illnesses, coughs, colds and sore throats.

Known as the food of the Gods, the use of honey in medicine and surgery has been recorded throughout history. Honey is a hydroscopic substance with low levels of hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural antiseptic. It has been used to treat many ailments, and being a natural, organic product has been found to have no negative side effects.

Manuka Honey is derived from the nectar of the manuka tree (leptospermum scoparium) which grows wild all over New Zealand.

The Manuka Honey benefits for healing have been known in New Zealand for a long time but it's only quite recently that the rest of the world has started to take note of this amazing product.

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Early research carried out by Waikato University on the healing properties of organic Maunuka Honey led to the discovery of extra antibacterial properties known as the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). Researchers found that UMF Manuka Honey is an effective antiseptic and can fight many forms of bacterial infections in wounds.

The UMF is not found in other honeys and strict testing is carried out to measure the strength of UMF in Manuka honey which guarantees that it has the special UMF antibacterial property.

Not all Manuka Honey contains UMF. A UMF rating of 10 is the minimum recognised to qualify for the UMF symbol on the label, anything less is still a delicious, healthy food but does not have the standard to qualify as a healing honey.

These are labelled as Standard Manuka Honey (no UMF) and Active Manuka Honey (some UMF).

When buying healing Manuka Honey, look for the 'UMF' label on the jar.

The UMF label is a registered trade mark which shows that it really does contain the healing Manuka Honey benefits you need.

Here are the guidelines from the Active Manuka Honey Association.

Genuine UMF Manuka Honey products will have the name UMF clearly stated on the front label, has been packed and labelled in New Zealand, comes from a New Zealand company licensed to use the name UMF, has the licensee's name on the front label and has a rating of UMF 10 or more.

Check carefully for these points when choosing UMF Honey to be certain you're buying the genuine healing honey.

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