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Have you ever wanted to learn to fly ?

I don't think there's any better way to see Auckland and the surrounding area than from the air.

Hot Air Balloning in New Zealand
Hot Air Balloning in New Zealand Picture

I wanted to fly since I was very young and learnt to fly gliders when I was 16, and then a few years later I passed my private pilot licence.

There are many ways for
you to get airborne, and they don't have to cost you a fortune either.

You could take a relaxing
ride in a hot air balloon and take in the beautiful scenery below or take up flying micro-light aircraft, hang gliders or para-sails.

Micro-light aircraft are much cheaper to buy and operate than private aircraft and the licencing requirements are less restrictive too.

Of course you don't have to fly yourself, there are many companies around Auckland offering helicopter or aeroplane sightseeing trips of the city and islands, so why not book yourself on a flight and give it a try ?

For a really memorable flying experience I can recommend the Warbirds Dakota Flights. This beautiful aircraft can often be seen flying around the Auckland skies. A must do trip for all aviation enthusiasts. Check out their web site now for more details.

Warbirds Dakota Flight over Auckland
Warbirds Dakota Flights over Auckland Picture

If after your flying experience you find yourself wanting more, get in touch with one of the many reputable flight schools and find out about lessons to fly private aircraft or helicopters, what's involved and how much it's all going to cost you.

You'll not only be part of an exciting sport but you'll also meet lots of interesting people too !

Maybe you'll want to go all the way and take up a career as a commercial pilot, check out the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority for more information on the current training requirement !

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