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Snow storms in Auckland?

It snows everyday at Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World - to keep the penguins happy!

Kelly Tarltons underwater world is located below the suburb of Orakei, on the picturesque Tamaki Drive. Overlooking Waitemata Harbour in Auckland, New Zealand, the underwater world was built in disused sewerage holding tanks and opened in January 1985 after 10 months of construction and is now one of the top auckland attractions.

The first section you'll walk through is a replica of Captain Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic hut used by him on his tragic Antarctic expedition to the South Pole.

Tarlton's Penguins
Auckland Kelly Tarltons Penguins Picture

You'll find the photos, video and audio describing the expedition very interesting but the kids will probably be more interested in dragging you off to the Snow Cat to see the penguins.

The heated Snow Cat travels through subarctic conditions in a loop around the penguin's environmentally controlled enclosure.

As you journey round the loop you'll pass a part where you can see the penguins swimming under water. At one point a lifesize model of an Orca rises out of the water with a seal in it's mouth.

Auckland Kelly Tarltons Orca Picture

My two year old wasn't too happy about that!

After the penguins you'll come to the aquarium which for us was an amazing experience.

Travelling on a moving walkway under the ocean, inside the 110 metre long transparent tunnel you will be surrounded by sharks, stingrays and more than 1,800 other marine creatures.

Kelly Tarltons Underwater Tunnel
Auckland Kelly Tarltons Shark Picture
The underwater tunnel was created by the late Mr Kelly Tarlton, a renowned New Zealand marine archeologist.

It was formed by heating large sheets of clear acrylic in an oven until they took the shape of the moulds. Some of the sheets weigh over a tonne!

Nearby there's the kids marine room with creatures in small tanks and other interesting things for children to do and you can pick up your souveniers at Kelly's Treasure shop, which is located at the end of the attraction. We had a great time at Tarlton's underwater world and I'm sure you will too. It's an amazing experience and well worth the visit !

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