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Auckland Housing varies considerably.

You'll find everything from colonial worker's cottages and villas, state houses, brick and tile homes, bungalows, apartments, plaster and masonry homes to beautiful, multi million dollar waterfront mansions.

More recently there have been many Auckland apartments and terraced homes built in the city and you can buy a beautiful, new, freestanding townhouse in the east, around the Dannemora and Botany Downs area.

These are ultra modern homes with every ammenity but if you prefer to live in something more traditional then Auckland has the widest range of timbered, Victorian and Edwardian style housing with classical details and mouldings that you'll find anywhere in the world.

Modern Villa
Auckland Housing Modern Villa Picture

The majority of Auckland homes have insulation but don't have double glazing or central heating, having instead open fires, wood burners, electric or gas heaters.

Most houses are built of wood and detached, standing on quarter acre plots which has resulted in a city spread out over a large area making a car something of a necessity here. Buying and reselling housing for profit is a popular activity for the Kiwi property investor. The subdivision of quarter acre plots and building 'infill housing' is common place.

Victorian Villa
Auckland Housing Victorian Villa Picture

Even Victorian villas have been pulled down to make way for ultra modern mansions with swimming pools and tennis courts.

The Auckland City Council is now taking steps to preserve New Zealand's heritage by preventing the destruction of historical houses in Auckland.

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