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Camper Van Auckland ? There's no better way to explore the beautiful sights the countryside around Auckland has to offer than by campervan or motorhome.

One of the best things about Auckland is it's location.

Just half an hour in any direction and you'll find yourself away from the city and out in the beautiful, surrounding countryside.

You'll find plenty of reputable camper van hire companies around the area ready to help get you out on the road with your own motor home, allowing you the freedom to see the entire country at your own pace.

Home from home by the lakeside
Auckland Lifestyle campervan by lake photo
At first look it may seem expensive to hire a mobile home but if you add up the camper van insurance, rental, fuel, and other expenses, and then compare those to hotel and travel costs, you may find it an attractive proposition.

Especially if you are sharing with friends or family.
Don't worry about where to stop, there are loads of motor camps in New Zealand, even in the most remote of areas. Most camp sites will have power available and the costs per night are minimal.

The most popular international companies include Britz motorhome rentals, Maui car hire and Kea campers, although there are many more available which offer various options and prices.

Bay of Islands
Auckland Lifestyle campervan in Bay of Islands photo
Such as New Zealand Camper Van Rental at 'Drive NZ', a New Zealand car, people mover and camper van rental company based in Auckland and Christchurch, Apollo Motorhome Holidays who offer a wide range of quality rental campervans and hire cars at very competitive prices or Spaceships in Auckland who offer a good alternative to the main companies.

The obvious advantages of the big companies are newer vehicles and more offices around the country so you could get a one way rental. Check the price for this service as there is most probably a surcharge.

So, that's it, make sure you have your full licence, you are over 21 and you've read the driving rules for New Zealand, there are important differences from the rest of the world that you need to be aware of.

Most importantly - drive on the left!

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