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Auckland, New Zealand is well known for it's clean and pure environment and healthy lifestyle, so I thought it would be a good idea to look into the best health and beauty care products and facilites available around Auckland.

We found a thriving natural health and cosmetics market here based on pure New Zealand ingredients.

People around the world are turning to natural alternatives to prescription drugs and synthetic cosmetics to look and feel better.

New Zealand has around 250 companies producing natural health and beauty care products with export sales in excess of NZ$300 million per year.


Picture New Zealand, rolling green hills, dramatic mountains, clear blue skies and the surrounding ocean. New Zealand is a place of great natural beauty.

New Zealand's clean, green image can be found in it's many organic, naturally pure health and beauty care ranges. There are plenty of good companies in Auckland where you can find natural organic skin care products made from the best environmentally sustainable ingredients sourced here in New Zealand.

To keep yourself in good shape, find a good Auckland gym. You'll find excellent keep fit clubs for activities such as Pilates and Yoga or you can spoil yourself at a top beauty and health spa and soothe away the stresses of your everyday life.

Look in the Auckland yellow pages and you'll find the best hair stylists, studios for make-up, manicures, pedicures, waxing, electrolysis, body massage and also health clinics providing diet and lifestyle changing courses using natural herbal remedies and body care treatments.

If you're thinking about cosmetic surgery, that's all here too. You won't have to fly off to Los Angeles, Auckland has top specialists ready to help you with everything from minor face lifts, liposuction and laser teeth whitening to full body sculptures.

So whatever it is you're after you're sure to find everything you need right here in Auckland to get yourself looking and feeling great !

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