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I love getting out on my bike, and the countryside around Auckland, and in fact throughout New Zealand is perfect for motorcycle touring. I feel as if the country was created with bikers in mind.

Whether your interest is in touring, racing or classic bikes you're sure to find plenty going on in the Auckland motorcycle scene.

There are plenty of individuals and clubs catering for motorcycle enthusiasts interested in touring or racing bikes.

Britten V1000
Auckland Motorcycles Britten V1000 photo

Ten Britten motorcycles were made by a handful of New Zealand enthusiasts following the untimely death of John Britten in 1995 at the age of 45. They were probably the fastest 4-stroke motorcycles in the early 1990’s.

There's also a really good following of classic motorcycles in Auckland and you'll find regular meetings of classic bike owners and enthusiasts around the city.

Classic Bike racing is another popular sport in New Zealand and it's great entertainment for bike owners and spectators alike.

Triumph Trident T160
Auckland Motorcycles Triumph Trident T160 photo

So do yourself a favour and check out what's going on in the local press and get yourself along to a meeting. You're sure to meet some interesting, like minded people and I'm certain you'll have a great day out.

For lots more information on Motorcycle activities in Auckland, visit the Auckland-Motorcycle Club's informative web-site. You'll find loads of good advice on Biking activites going on in and around the Auckland area.

Motorcycle clubs and events in Auckland

Are you organising a motorcycle event in Auckland or want to let us in on the latest happenings in your club? Write about it here on Auckland Lifestyle and we'll put up a web page so everyone can get to read about it and leave their comments.

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