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Imagine waking up to a fantastic new lifestyle in Auckland,

The first thing you should do when considering Auckland Immigration is take a look at the official New Zealand Immigration services website and check out the best option for you. To find out more about the many ways of successfully applying to live in this beautiful country, I highly recommend the 'New Zealand Immigration and Relocation Report.' This is absolutely essential reading to guide you step by step through the process.

Auckland Viaduct
Auckland Viaduct
In my case, I secured
a job first, applied for
a work permit directly from the New Zealand Embassy web-site and went to
New Zealand to work.

The whole process took 3 months. After two
years of working in
New Zealand you are then able to apply for permanent residency.

This is probably the easiest way but I know a few people who just jumped on a plane, went down to Auckland, found a job and applied for a permit in New Zealand.

Of course this is not recommended, it would be far safer to secure employment before you go as getting a job offer does not guarantee getting a permit.

There are many options to choose from to apply for Auckland immigration.... Most people opt for the skilled migrant visa, this is based on a points system according to your age, qualifications and employability.

You'll need to fill out an 'Expression of Interest' form and if you are granted a visa through this method you can look for employment after you arrive. Be sure to check out the Government web site to see if your job is on the shortage list before you go to all the expense and time of applying.

You could buy into a business and take an entrepreneur visa, you could invest a few million dollars with the New Zealand Government and take the Investor visa or apply directly via the Expression of interest form for residency.

Whichever method of New Zealand immigration you choose you'll find everything you need to know on the NZ Government's Immigration site.

Another highly recommended source of great information is Move2NZ. A totally non-profit organisation, Move2NZ is a group of people who've all been through the process of moving to New Zealand so have a lot of first hand, personal advice. - helping migrants become kiwis

Go over to their site now and join the other 25000 members. You'll then have access to a lot of invaluable free advice, forums and articles to help you with your decision to migrate to New Zealand.

Move2NZ take no payment for their services. They were featured on the UK BBC1 TV channel series "Wanted Down Under" in 2008. You can see part of that programme here on You Tube.

So what are you waiting for ? Stop dreaming, come and live in Auckland, New Zealand now !

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