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Auckland cars are not a luxury they are an absolute necessity.

With such a spread out City and the Auckland transportation system not being it's best assett, you'll need a car in Auckland.

Although Auckland traffic can be a nightmare, once outside of Auckland you'll have no problems with congestion.

Take care in the countryside as many of the roads are not sealed and you may come across farm animals on the roadsides.

It's a good idea to pick up a copy of the New Zealand Road Code which is available from most book stores or from any of the New Zealand Automobile Association offices.

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Here in New Zealand we drive on the left which may be a little confusing for you if you are used to driving on the other side of the road. Even if you're from the UK you must be aware of the different road rules here, such as the 'give way rules' , get these wrong and you could be in trouble.

Another thing to watch out for in Auckland are speed cameras, there's loads of them around waiting to take your picture.

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There are plenty of Auckland car dealers around the area offering new and used vehicles but if your looking for a bargain there are a few other options available to you.

Take a visit to some of the car auctions Auckland has around the city, one of the biggest is 'Turners car auctions Auckland' in Penrose. I went a couple of times to this one and saw some good deals go under the hammer.

Other good places to look are the Car Fairs at Ellerslie Race Course and the Manukau Car Market in Manukau City Centre car park. Both are held on Sunday mornings so you'll have to give up your lie in for these.

Wherever you decide to buy your Auckland car from, it's a good idea to have a vehicle inspection report done before parting with your hard earned cash. This costs NZ$ 120 but it's definitely money well spent if you want to avoid expensive problems later.

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Morris Minor Convertible

Make sure the car has a current WOF (warrent of Fitness), these are valid for 6 months so the more time remaining, the better.

You'll then have to fill out and submit a change of ownership form (MR13A costs NZ10) at the Post Office. Once you've done that you can get your registration documents which costs NZ$ 112 for 6 months or NZ$ 217 for 12 months.

Having car insurance here is not compulsory but highly recommended.

So, all done ? Good. All you legally need now is a full licence and your set to go. Don't have a driving licence ? No problem, there are plenty of driving schools around Auckland. Take a look in the yellow pages or do a search in the search box below. Just type in "Auckland Driving Schools" press the WEB radio button and click SEARCH. That's it, all done, just fill the tank, turn the key and off you go, you're on the road.

Drive Safely !!

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