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The Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump is something for all
you adrenaline junkies out there.

Tell Us About YOUR Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump Experience

I personally find it hard to understand why anyone would want to pay good money to climb to the top of the Auckland Harbour Bridge and then throw themselves off on an elastic band....

....but plenty of you guys seem to be looking for this type of thrill, so if this sounds like your kind of thing then get along to the bridge and join in.

If, like me you prefer something a bit more sensible, that's OK, you can make the climb to the top of the bridge and enjoy the magnificent views without scaring yourself senseless.

Don't forget to take your camera with you!

Auckland harbour Bridge
Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy photo

For those of you determined to scare yourself senseless, you'll be invited to climb down into the 'Pod', suspended under the bridge.

Then under the expert supervision of A.J.Hackett, the Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy company, you'll be kitted up with all the gear, you'll move to the edge of the platform, the count-down will commence, 3-2-1 and you'll hurl yourself off into the air, BUNGEEEEE !!

Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump Pod
Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump Pod photo

I'm assured though that everything is carefully calculated and all the equipment is carefully tested to ensure your absolute safety.

So, give it a go and then write to us at Auckland Lifestyle using the form below and share your experience with the rest of us. We'll be very happy to include your story and pictures on our site.

Did You Try The Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump ?

Do you have a great story to tell about your Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump? We want you to write and tell us about it and we'll put up your own web page on Auckland Lifestyle. Tell us about why you did it, how you felt and would you recommend it to others? Would you do it again? Got some photos as well? Great, upload them and we'll put them on your page for everyone to see and comment on.

Enter the Title of your Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump Experience.
ex., "My Jump of Terror."

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